Thursday, October 9, 2008

Picture of the week: matter how much a person has whether it's a little, or sleeping in a house laid with gold bricks, we always want a little more. I definitely wouldn't mind if I hit a $300 million Powerball. Most people wouldn't, but lets face it folks, we would have a better chance of getting struck by lightning 10 times before we were lucky enough to match all the numbers for the grand prize.

The economic crisis that has gripped the U.S. makes up the majority of the news headlines nationwide and now is starting to spill over seas in the world markets. The Bush Administration and Congress have proposed a 'buyout', which comes with a $700 billion price tag is designed to help stimulate the economy. But I am not so sure that the middle American tax payer will agree. From what I have read or seen on CNN, and I may have misinterpreted the the entire idea of this proposal, is that the tax payers money will be used to bail out the rich business owners who are about to bail out to avoid bankruptcy.

I chose this picture because it directly coincides with a previous blog that I wrote for an assignment last week. I wrote a post about the first Presidential debate between Senators McCain and Obama, which was held at the University of Mississippi. A U.S. recession and rising gas prices has not been very forgiving for many businesses in our area alone. We only need to look as close to Elkhart to see the economic troubles many companies are facing. Many businesses are either closing down or selling to the highest foreign bidder which leaves thousands of people with families and homes without jobs.

On the opposite side of the tarnished coin, it is hard for people that don't have jobs now, to find them. Let's face it, that is why most of us including myself are trying to better ourselves by furthering our educations with college or trade schools. To get jobs that will pay us a lot of those green cotton rectangles that have numbers on them and the bigger the number the better. If the economy stays in the slump that it's currently in, I am not so sure I want to graduate in the spring. It won't matter what degree a person has if there are no jobs to given. I also still think that the worst is yet to come...let's hope not. Why can't I hit the lottery?!

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April said...

Your photo blog is very current events! I watch the news daily and this topic is getting more airtime than ever before. I would love to win the lottery too, but for now I’m thankful to have a stable job with a great employer. For a walk on the lighter side, Come see my picture=)