Monday, September 29, 2008

W315 Web-Based Writing Assignment

The following post is based off of an assignment that I have in one of my classes:

The following link should take you to the page where the 50 most powerful blogs can be located here.

For my assignment, I was to go to this site and then choose 3 different blogs that I enjoyed and why. Not to mention creating my first blog site was part of the assignment as well. Exciting stuff; enjoy my choices and rhetoric on why I chose them...

First choice...and not by any ranking system is called Perezhilton . The only reason why I chose this site is because I am one of those people that absolutely will not watch television programs such as E-entertainment or Gossip or programs that will offer information on our Hollywood celebrities. The same basically goes for this site. Some bloke with nothing better to do with his spare time decided that it would be great idea to write about the latest gossip on Paris Hilton or Britney Spears and in return get publicity himself. Nothing like feeding off others mistakes for personal gain. I really don't know who is worse, the paparazzi or this least the paparazzi gets paid. I have my own issues that I have to worry about much less care who's doin' who in Hollywood land. Nothing like trying to get your picture taken for your own blog site when the celebrities in the picture either don't want you there or even know your there. Schmuck!

Okay enough of my opinionated b.s...the second blog that I chose is "Engadget". I chose this for the obvious reason that new technology is usually awesome. Or it could be that I am a just a 'new gadget' nerd. Most of these things I can't afford or even really need at this point in my life and most likely will sit somewhere covered in dirty laundry or gathering dust, but who cares, if it's freakin' cool, then I want it! Like "Atari Hero mod lets you rock out with ET". This is an Atari 2600 console hybrid with a faux_Gibson guitar from Guitar Hero. Gaming fans of old and new unite!

The last blog that I chose was Icanhascheezburger . I am a pet lover but moreover a cat lover. We could get into a debate about which pet is better a dog or cat but in the words of the great Robert DeNiro's character Jack Tibirius Byrnes in 'Meet the Parents' "Dogs are shallow animals Focker...and they always need attention". But on a personal level, cats a very self sustained animal and save for the occasional hair ball, are a farely clean. But enough of my defending reasons why 'I' like cats and onto this blog site. It basically is a series of pics of other person's cats in peculiar situations. There are also other links located on this blog that have to do with cats and kittens. However the pics alone are worth the visit.